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Selected motifs from Raumkleid 2.0 are still available upon request

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Custom made





RAUMKLEID is like haute couture and is made exactly to measure in one piece without any joints. Plus, it's easy to apply. If you're about to move - no problem, your personal RAUMKLEID can be removed in one easy step and re-staged in your new four walls.


- dimensionally stable, air-permeable and breathable fabric

- The application is carried out with our special paste

- every order is custom-made

- the shock-free format is 300 cm x 1000 cm, beyond that there is a vertical or horizontal impact

- our designs are created from our own creative treasure chest

- we also produce your RAUMKLEID with your personal photo (price on request)

- your RAUMKLEID can be removed with one hand

- your RAUMKLEID can be washed at 30° (gentle cycle)

- you can reattach your RAUMKLEID at any time

Since the RAUMKLEID is reusable, there are no limits to the areas of use. It is therefore particularly suitable for

- your home

- Shop/window design

- seasonal staging in bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.

- Trade fair construction

- Events

For an additional charge we offer:

- Visualizations in advance of decision-making

- we also create your own personal artwork as a collage from your personal favorite photos 



Dear customers, dear RAUMKLEID fans and everyone who wants to become one!

Welcome to the creative world of RAUMKLEID, where design meets passion, new trends are born and attention to detail is in the foreground. I am proud to present you my latest RAUMKLEID collection 4.0. 

The once new, small and fine brand RAUMKLEID is already celebrating its 8th birthday with the publication of this new illustrated book. We are delighted to now be able to count many creative interior designers, architects, hotel/restaurant outfitters, etc. among our satisfied regular customers. 

The demands of my designs are always based on the possible creations in the planning, the resulting spatial effect and the desire for individual and unusual arrangements for the residents. When I created the unique, innovative and novel solution of the large-scale, reusable fabric wallpaper, the "Robe for the Wall" 8 years ago, my focus was initially on the materials, the handling, the installation options and, last but not least, the reusability. As a “one-woman show” the aim was initially to lend a hand. At the beginning, I tested the materials and the assembly technology, wall by wall, perfected them and finally passed them on to selected professionals as a sophisticated technique. 

These distinctive fundamentals are now allowed to exist as my detailed basis and I am in the fortunate position of being able to devote my time and passion primarily to the design of my motifs. 

We as the RAUMKLEID brand set trends without bothering with the crowd that seems to dictate designs. My work is created intrinsically. My focus is on finished arrangements for an increased quality of life and ambience. 

Nature and its inhabitants are a great source of inspiration for me as well as shapes, colors and patterns. Skillfully, daringly or courageously mixed, a special, personalized and individual space should unfold here that conjures up freedom for personal development, creative thinking and work, communicative cooperation, a relaxed atmosphere or dynamic mobility in people's everyday lives. 

With our new collection Mix & Match, we offer you, as planning professionals, an endless possibility of combinations. You can play, create and design with a variety of color variations. 

The Mix & Match includes three motifs: Emotion, Lisboa and Harry & Sally. All three motifs were created during my last trip abroad and form, so to speak, the basic ingredient for your special design mix or, as the saying goes, the “salt in the soup”. Have the courage for daring variations. 

We look forward to creative collaboration and brilliant results! 

Do you have any special requests for special projects? 

Come to me and we will create your very individual design. 

The challenge of implementing something special brings out my passion and keeps it alive over the years. 

Thank you for your interest, your enthusiasm and your loyalty. 


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