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Archive SALE

I like the motif, the dimensions are right...

nAccording to the motto "first come first serve" here you can find our archive motifs with

 up to-70% 

Write us an email with the subject “ARCHIVE SALE” and the desired motif (with dimensions). 

While stocks last!

*pleasenote our SALE information below

Where do our SALE robes come from?


Our archive of robes that we have in stock come from productions in which small errors occurred either when measuring or during production. 


If there are small printing errors, you will find a note for this in the text. Of course, we have adjusted the price due to any errors. All errors are minimal and you will only perceive it as a small blemish. 


Please note that your wall is slightly smaller (oversize) than the dimensions of the SALE robes.


Please also note that we cannot accept any complaints here.


Have fun browsing!

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