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Oh, yes! We know how addictive our "robe for the wall" is! As soon as it's installed, many of our delighted customers are already thinking about where the next one should go. We can easily explain why this is the case. The room feels complete and fully furnished. It radiates an effect that you would never have thought possible.

That was and is the reason why I decided to focus on combinability in the new collection. 

Since our popular motifs usually tell a story in themselves that would not allow repeated attention to be welcomed, I have focused on patterns in a wide variety of color combinations. 

How much I would have wished, in times as a holistic interior designer, to have such tools for...
To have a hand :) How nice that would have been! How wonderful it is that the saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

I have further developed my brand for you. Stretch and stretch, create and sometimes be crazy. Out of the box, freely colorful, extravagant! These are the attributes that I love! 

I hope you have exactly THE joy that I wanted to create. I hope you have a lot of fun with the new collection
Choose a main motif for your planning and choose a suitable match from our “Emotion”, “Harry & Sally” or “Lisboa” collections.  

Get inspired!

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